Stroller Strides®

How much do Stroller Strides® classes cost?

First class is always FREE! Be sure to register online first.

Membership options:

  • Monthly membership: $64/month plus one-time registration fee of $64 (Includes one resistance band, draw string bag and an awesome non-slip headband)
  • 10-block pass: $120 (Resistance tubes need to be purchased separately for $12)
  • Single class drop in: $15
  • Special Educator Summer Special: $159 (unlimited classes June 15-Aug 15)

How old does my baby have to be?

We are more concerned with YOU and if you've been cleared by your doctor to return to exercise. Most doctors will clear women between 6 and 8 weeks after giving birth. One you're cleared, you can start whenever you are ready! Always consult a doctor before returning to exercise.

Children can take classes with you up to any age as long as they enjoy being in the stroller. (And we provide fun and games throughout class to help keep them entertained.)

What kind of stroller do I need?

Any stroller that isn't prone to tipping. We've had moms use everything from a snap-n-go to a BOB Revolution and everything in the middle.

We generally recommend that you stay away from umbrella strollers, but you DO NOT need a jogger or expensive stroller!

What should I bring with me to class?

  • Your child :)
  • Plenty of water
  • Sunblock/shade for you and baby
  • Anything Baby will need (diapers, bottles, nursing cover, clothes, snacks, toys, etc)
  • Anything you may need (nursing pads, wallet, hat/sunglasses, etc).
  • A mat/towel/blanket for floor exercises

I'm worried my child may be fussy or won't want to stay in the stroller. What can I do?

Our classes are the safest places to be if something is bothering your baby. We are all moms and have dealt with fussy babies and cranky children at some point in class. Your child will most likely not be the loudest or noisiest in class that day.

Some of the "veteran" moms have great tips/tricks for babies at all ages. One popular suggestion is to bring a front carrier with you to class for younger babies. Mobile children must stay in the stroller for the duration of class. For toddlers and older children we recommend bringing some toys, snacks or other items to keep them entertained. Our instructors are great at offering modifications for all exercises while carrying your baby, as well as providing exercises, songs and activities to includes the children.

Stroller Strides is one of the few places you can bring your child to workout, so our first priority is the happiness of your baby. Feel free to tend to your baby first; feel free to nurse/feed your baby at any station if needed. Because we stop every few minutes for body toning, you can always catch up with us if you get behind. If your baby ever fusses so much that you miss an entire class, we will happily credit you another class. Our instructors will do their very best to make the class enjoyable for both you and your baby!

Do you cancel class if it rains or for bad weather?

Typically classes are held at our outdoor locations from mid-April though October, and at our indoor venues November through mid-April. Most of our outdoor parks have adequate coverage for rainy days and we will not cancel class due to rain.

We will need to cancel class during the winter months if our indoor venues are closed due to severe weather. For indoor classes, we typically follow Portland Public School delays and closures. Any last minute changes and cancellation are communicated on our Facebook Page.

What kind of exercises do you do at class? Is Stroller Strides® just a walking group?

No! Stroller Strides is a total body workout designed for all fitness levels. Designed specifically for moms, each class includes a warm-up, intervals of walking or running, and stations that include strength and conditioning using resistance bands, body weight exercises and the environment. We finished each class with a cool down, additional core work and stretching.

Body Back®

What exactly is Body Back®?

Body Back® is a results-based fitness program that combines small group workouts with clean eating. Each 8-week Body Back® session includes:

  • 2 small-group HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts per week
  • Clean eating, including food journaling (NOT a meal replacement or calorie counting)
  • At-home recipes and workouts
  • Before and after fitness assessments and measurements
  • Individualized goal setting and feedback
  • Online support network
  • Accountability!

Whether looking to drop weight or inches, improve strength or speed, or find that inner confidence, Body Back® is for you!

How much do sessions cost?

New clients: $299

Returning clients: $279

*NECC members rate: $239

*$15 friend referral credits

Why do I need to sign up for an entire 8-week session? What if I just want to drop into a class to see what Body Back is like?

Body Back is more than just a workout. Women who enroll is an 8-week session are on a journey to better themselves. As a goal oriented, results-based program, women not only embark on a physical journey possibly of weight loss or strength gain, but often times that journey can include emotional and psychological growth as well. Likewise, the small group setting allows for the instructor to really get to know each one of her clients and also allows for the women within each group to get to know one another, support one another, and be part of each other's journey. It is often a very personal setting.

Those interested in seeing what Body Back is about before enrolling in a session are encouraged to try a Saturday morning Body Back Boost class. Boost classes give a good feel of the intensity of a Body Back class and allow for women to speak with current or former Body Back clients about their experience.

What is Body Back Boost?

Body Back Boost is a high-intensity interval workout that combines cardio, strength and core. Boost classes are done without kids, and we use 8-10lb free weights rather than resistance bands. Use it either as a 3rd HIIT workout each week while in your current Body Back session, or just drop in when your schedule allows!

Is Body Back® just for moms?

No! Body Back® was originally designed for moms, but is open to all women! Each person's goals and journey is so personalized, you do not have to be a mom to attend. The goal is for each women to gain the strength and confidence to move forward positively in whatever stage of life she may be in.

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