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Meet Laura - Stroller Strides and Body Back member

"I was lucky enough to be among the "inaugural" members of Body Back NW/NE Portland. After the first preview class I was hooked. Sweaty, exhausted, sore, but totally into it! I had been doing stroller strides for about a year and was back to pre-pregnancy weight but I wanted more. I will admit, one of the first things that excited me about the twice-weekly classes was actually getting to have time to myself!

Keeping a food journal and having to write down everything I ate and then having the instructor read it and make comments and suggestions was a huge eye opener for me. I learned how to eat to fuel my body and boost my metabolism. I liked being able to ask questions and get the answers and support I was looking for.

I have completed three sessions of Body Back and I am still maintaining my goal weight and fitness routine. And I need to say that I was really not "the working-out type" before I started Stroller Strides/Body Back! It's like a switch flipped in my mind and working out and eating well have just become a natural part of my life. The transformation that I have experienced has made me feel stronger, more capable and confident and I am so grateful that I took the chance and joined Body Back!

Body Back is goal-oriented, each session is about personal improvement. At first I was focused on fitness goals but it became more than that. It unexpectedly translated into many other aspects of my life and I became more personally aware and empowered. I enjoyed pushing my limits and being surprised when I exceeded my goals. I really believe in this program and I think if you are ready for a change and need some help getting motivated and would like some support along the way, there really is no reason not to try Body Back!" Laura C.

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Meet Johanna - Body Back Member

"When I first began Body Back, my goal was to regain my pre-pregnancy physical form as quickly as possible. I was feeling deflated in regards to my appearance and was eager to get back to the “old me.” In addition to the few extra pounds that I could not seem to shake, I was feeling humbled by chronic back and wrist pain, both of which had been exacerbated by pregnancy and the toting around of a rapidly growing toddler.

As I reflect back on the last few months of Body Back, I have the realization that I have undergone a dramatic transformation, though not exactly in the ways I had initially envisioned. Body Back has provided a supportive and fun atmosphere in which I have once again realized the joy of pushing myself beyond my preconceived limits. As a result of the confidence and strength I have gained, I have a new level of acceptance for myself. As I acknowledge that my physical body may never be exactly the same as before pregnancy, I have an increased ability to appreciate myself precisely as I am today. Though my outward appearance may not differ dramatically from a few months ago, I know that I am a much stronger person, both mentally and physically." – Johanna B.

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Meet Megan - Stroller Strides and Body Back Member

"Body Back was just the program I needed at this point in my life. I needed a program that provided healthy eating options without going on a "diet," realistic workouts for a busy mama and above all, accountability. Body Back provided this for me for not only the eight-week session, but gave me the necessary tools to carry this type of life change forward in the months and years to come!" Megan S.

In one session Megan:

  • Lost 14 pounds!
  • Lost 11.5 inches, including 5.25 off her waist alone

  • Increased her timed push-ups from 3 to 12!

  • Doubled both her sit-ups and side bridge!

Meet Jen - Body Back member

“I can't say enough positive things about BB. I was at a point in my life, just having had a second son and working full-time as a nurse, that I needed the motivation to start living the healthy life I had always wanted. Joining BB was one of the best decisions I have made to help kick start a life long journey towards becoming a healthier version of "me.” Working with Megan was very uplifting. Each class she helped to motivate me and encourage my goals. I really felt like her goals were to help me become successful at my goals. And although each women in my session was at a different point in their healthy journey I felt like the class was tailored for each specific women. BB is a program that really helps to focus on women and their bodies and health. I was given tools throughout the course that I have been able to take outside of class and use on my own. Big THANKYOU to FIT4MOM’s team of fabulous fitness leaders.” Jen L.

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